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Sending in the SWOT Team:

An Experiential Learning Assignment for

Capstone Business Students

This poster highlights the value of cross-departmental collaboration and the benefits of librarian-faculty co-teaching strategies on the business student learning experience.


This poster highlights a librarian-faculty teaching collaboration involving a library-centric assignment and a new online instructional environment with direct free access to an online textbook. Students are required to meet with a library representative to discuss trends within the information industry and provide feedback through a SWOT Analysis for improvement of library services utilizing a course specific libguide for research.


While the first iteration of the study was intended to examine information seeking behaviors of students, subsequent iterations have uncovered unexpected but welcomed feedback for inclusivity. For example, this study exposed gaps in library services across patron populations, which has encouraged the library staff to reexamine outreach efforts and generate ideas to better serve transfer and commuter students.

Project Resources


Results, Insights & Data:

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