My story...

I've always been curious.


I discovered the joys of reading and writing early. I read Junie B. Jones by flashlight in my bedroom closet, drew imaginary maps of magical continents, and reenacted classic historical American Girl stories with Samantha and Molly dolls.

I also loved photography and scrapbooking. By the time I was twelve, I carried around my own film camera and consistently added to a growing collection of albums. Documenting and saving the small moments for later always seemed important. 


I graduated high school in 2009, college in 2013, and Grad School in 2015.

I studied Psychology & Library Science and came out screaming about Information Literacy.

Since college, I've pursued the childhood passions that followed me into adulthood. Over time, this focused determination led to positions at public libraries, university archives, museums, and academic libraries requiring proficiency and fluency in instructional design, website management, teaching, content creation, strategic design, and program analysis. I love what I do!